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Main creations

Plane tapistries using personal patterns then put in 3D forms by rolling-up sisal on a structure made of aluminium and wool. Ceramics financed by State funds ordered by architects for halls and lobbies buildings.
Local & federal state orders :

Corporate orders :

Many bronze sculptures on the dance and music themes that are sold to collectors in France, in Europe, in the USA and exhibited in my workshop in Lyon.

Artistic approach

Mastering sketching, basketry, weaving, sculpture, ceramics I have based my entire approach to strive for new horizons that my hands would make possible. All my creations aim at giving volume and expression, to make alive a movement albeit fixed in a material.

For the past 40 years, I have specialized myself in figuring-out dance and music instruments. Working in close collaboration with the Opera & Ballet House in Lyon as well as schools of dance I have learned to understand and decode style figures, steps and attitudes. I represent them with exactitude as well as with the permanent objective of changing the way we look at things, evocating movements and sounds so that my creations seem to be about to move or to play.

Each piece of work is carefully prepared, carved-out from a wax shell in which all the sub-elements are melted. I then assemble them using techniques which I have invented and elaborated by myself. Each piece is unique, signed and comes together with a certificate of authenticity.

Very often, my creations mix-up materials such as bronze, glass, wood and slate.